How to Make Bootcut Jeans from Skinny Jeans

This might sound crazy, but bootcut jeans are coming BACK, and I love them so much I've quit skinny jeans altogether. Bootcut balance my pear-shaped body and give me better proportions. I was so sad to lose a few pairs of my favorite skinnies, so I made them into bootcut! WHAT? YES! It's so easy that a beginner can do it. You'll never believe my secret trick. Come check out my step-by-step instructions to salvage your favorite pair of jeans.

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Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide 2018

The Spring Edition of the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is here! You've been asking and asking, and it's ready! Are you as ready for a spring wardrobe infusion as I am? Come check out the fresh, new, bold and stunning inspiration for spring.

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What I Wore When I Was Craving Pink and Red - Valentine's Day Inspiration

I love pink and red, and I love them even more together! If you are looking for some everyday Valentine's Day outfit inspiration, I've got you covered. Come see what I wore when I was craving pink and red. 

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A Quick and Easy Winter Eyeshadow Look for Every Day

I have my eyeshadow for everyday look that I love, but I also really enjoy having an everyday seasonal eyeshadow look. In the winter I love to wear bold red, punch-you-in-the-face pink, and pure burgundy (ok, and black. A whole lot of black in between the bursts of color). I wear those colors when I feel like it, but even when I don't, I can get a dose of festive on my face. 

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What I Wore When I Was a Barden Bella

Do you love Pitch Perfect as much as I do? Who is your spirit animal? Beca, Chloe, Aubrey, Fat Amy, or Stacie? Anna Kendrick is mine. When I saw Pitch Perfect 3 I was in love with the outfits they styled, so I took inspiration from them and recreated them with things in my own closet! Come check out what I wore when I was an honorary Barden Bella and wore my own Pitch Perfect Outfits.

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The Ultimate Guide to What to Wear in Japan in April

I'm finally finished with my most recent project! The Stunning Style Japan Spring Wardrobe Guide. A curated collection to pack for 2+ weeks in a carry-on. Sounds too good to be true right? It's not! 

Does this sound a bit random? It's not. My trip to Japan was amazing, and I learned a lot of valuable things about traveling there, and while I was overall satisfied with my packing selections, I would have done a few things differently. I incorporated all of that knowledge into this book.

Packing is so stressful, and I want to take that whole stress element out of your trip. You can be chic, comfortable and appropriate without any effort.

This guide is also appropriate for most European destinations, and many U.S. destinations as well. Come check out my latest creation!

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A Quick and Easy Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial for Every Day

I created this look specifically to go with the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide, but it's the perfect neutral look to go with any outfit and any lip color. With my cool skin tones, I can't wear brown eye makeup, and this quick and easy look is my new go-to 5-minute makeup look. Come check out the video I made to show you step-by-step exactly how to create it. 

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8 Tips to be Perfectly Chic Dressed in All Black

Now, on to the topic of today's post! When you're dressed in all black, do you feel fancy or frumpy? Do you look like you're in mourning or red carpet ready? All black outfits can be edgy, classy, chic, grunge, and everything in between. I have 8 simple tips to be perfectly chic when you wear all black. Tip #1 is the real secret to success no matter what look you want. How do you wear all black?

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What I Wore When I Kept It Classic

Happy New Year! I hope you had wonderful holidays. I took a much needed break from work and social media, but today the kids are back at school, my husband is back at work, and so am I! 

This is what I wore when I kept it classic. I repeated some outfits and items that I've been wearing since college or before. How? Because I've always been drawn to classic items and silhouettes. Some things literally never go out of style. Come see what I wore when I kept it classic. 

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What I Wore When I Was Chained to My Desk

This post is a few weeks late. I wanted to get the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide out in time for Christmas shopping, so I put everything else aside and focused on that exclusively. This week I'm playing catch up! Here is what I wore when I was chained to my desk. 

There is a giveaway happening on the blog right now, so don't miss out on that!

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A Giveaway and Thank You for a Successful Book Launch!

The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Winter Edition has been such a success that I'm already working on the spring edition, and doing a giveaway to 3 lucky winners! Enter the giveaway now for your chance to win.

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Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection

It's done! I'm done! Here is the reason I've been MIA, and it was a labor of love. If you are looking for a winter capsule wardrobe, outfit inspiration, or a way to refresh your current wardrobe, the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection Winter 2017 is perfect for your casual or work lifestyle. 31 classic pieces make 100 outfits for the bold, stunning woman. This makes the perfect shopping list for your Christmas gift wish list! Come see exactly what I've created especially for you!

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What I Wore When I Was Thankful

So this is a little late, but I was working so hard on all the Christmas posts last week so you'd have them in time for the sales last weekend, I figured you wouldn't mind. Thanksgiving is a sad week for me, and focusing on what I'm thankful for helps. Come see what I wore when I was thankful, and what I'm thankful for!

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Sneak Peek Under the Tree: What Our Kids Are Getting for Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a joyful day with people you love.

Tonight the shopping frenzy begins. As I've shared the way we give gifts with experiences, the want, need, wear, read method, and the non-tech toys, I wanted to show you exactly how it looks, so in this post you get to see EXACTLY what our kids are getting for Christmas this year. Come take a sneak peek under our tree!

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