How to CURE Motion Sickness FAST!


I've always had terrible motion sickness. Sitting in the backseat on long car rides was torture. Back in the days when the only thing to do on a road trip was fight with your siblings, I longed to be able to read for entertainment. I even dreamed of the day we could watch TV in the car! Between TV, tablets, and gaming systems, kids today are so spoiled on car rides.

Anyway, I have tried it all. Dramamine knocks me out. I spent half of our Greece trip feeling stoned out of my mind from dramamine. The wrist bands didn't help, and were uncomfortable. Peppermint oil did nothing. A rolled down window does help, but if it's really hot or really cold or too much wind, the other passengers object quickly.

I don't even remember how I figured this out, but when I was pregnant with my fifth baby, I discovered ginger candies. Ginger is a natural anti-nausea treatment. "Oh great. I like ginger ale, I'll just drink that." Mmm. No. Most ginger ale, in fact, has exactly no ginger in it. True ginger beer has a very potent, spicy flavor. So if you have that, go ahead, but you're not likely to find it in American grocery stores, and it's not exactly easy or convenient to keep on hand. 

The truth is, not even all ginger candies have ginger in them. Paul Newman's? None. So disappointing, Paul. My favorite brand is The Ginger People. "But I hate the taste of ginger," said a lot of people. I'm not a big fan either, but I hate nausea and headaches even more. There are two flavors that don't have much of a ginger taste. One is the Spicy Apple, which is a chewy candy, and is a little spicy. The other is the caramel flavor, which is a hard candy, and is milder in flavor. You like the taste of ginger? Great! They have that flavor, too. And yes, I really do buy these by the pound. I'm almost due to buy another bag.

We give these to our kids on road trips, when we drive in canyons, or if they are reading in the care for very long. I keep a big bag in my console. The chewy kind is better for little ones bc I can tear it into smaller pieces that a younger child can handle, and honestly half a candy is enough for most young kids. I don't give hard candies to toddlers or preschool age kids, especially in the car, because of the choking hazard.

We take these everywhere. They are lifesavers on boat rides, especially large boats like the Statten Island Ferry. We even used these at Disneyland so no one got sick on the Star Wars ride, among others. These candies work so well that I can not only ride in comfort, but I can READ IN THE CAR instead of keep my eyes focused on the white lines. On road trips my husband will often ask me to type work emails for him while he drives, and I have no problems with it.

If you are anything like me, this is a game changer. I keep them in my purse, in my car, in my travel bags, everywhere. "Kids, we are driving into a canyon, everyone have a ginger candy." Are they super delicious? Not to me. I never reach for them if I'm not trying to ward off nausea. Are they horrible? No. For me they are like medicine. I eat them. My kids eat them. We appreciate the end result. They even ask for them when they are necessary. No one complains. I even take extras and pass them out to queasy strangers. 

Have you tried ginger candies to help with motion sickness? What is your favorite flavor and brand?