Let's Go Shopping! My Very Favorite Jeans Are On Sale Today Only!!

I thought that when I graduated college I had to be a grown up and stop shopping at Express. I abandoned them for years, but I rediscovered their jeans (and then everything else) 4 years ago after I had my sixth baby in six years, and I felt ugly and squishy in everything. Express jeans to the rescue!!! They are the most comfortable, most flattering jeans ever. They lift and separate your bum cheeks. No more mooshy mommy bottom. They make you look a size smaller, too. Don't think you need to be super model skinny to wear them. They go from size 00 to 18.

This sale ends today (the 40% off jeans portion of the sale), so when I saw it was on, I stopped what I was doing and threw this post together. Not only are they 40% off, but you can get an additional $15 off $50 | $25 off $75 | $70 off $200 with code 2169!! They never do that. This is hands down the cheapest I've ever seen these jeans. You better believe I stocked up. 

Get shopping ladies! Deals are to be had! I actually own every single pair here, but I'm ordering some duplicates. I got rid of every other brand of jeans I had, and these are the only ones I wear now. I love them that much. They pass the bum and thigh test every time.

They are stretchy, but don't stretch out. Three wears later they fit me the same as they did the first hour on day one. They are comfortable enough that I wear them on international flights. I wore these on a 36-hour travel day and had no discomfort. For me they run a size small (except for the white runs seem to run true to size). I wear a 4 here, and a 6 at J. Crew, if that helps. I order a 6 in the white. 

I just ordered a bunch of the barely boot and boot cut jeans because I'm working on balancing my proportions. I'm going to give these a try for the first time in a decade. I always order 2 sizes and return the ones I don't want. That way they won't be sold out of what I need. 

With my new Shop My Finds page I won't be sending out many roundups, but this sale is too good to miss. So let's go shopping! Sizes are selling out. You're welcome.


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