An Exciting New Feature on the Blog!

Come see all of my bold, stunning finds on the blog. It's like you're shopping with me. From the couch.

So many of you ask me to go shopping with you, and I would love, love, love to do it with each and every one. Unfortunately it's not possible because of time and geography. As I do my weekly round up posts, I come across lots of great finds that don't fit into that week's post, and I wanted a way to share them with you without doing endless round up posts. Now I can take you shopping with me and share all my finds! You can shop with me every day! From your couch. What's better than that?

I have a new Shop My Finds page on the blog where I will constantly update with bold, stunning items that I think you will love. I started out with tops and sweaters that will help you scratch the fall itch, and I will add pants, shoes, accessories and other things as I go along. 

If there is anything you want to see on there, please let me know! I'm so excited about this new feature, and I can't wait to hear what you think. 

You can check out the bold bonanza right here

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