Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Q&A

how long does rodan and fields lash boost last, and more!

If you've ever wanted to try Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, but have some questions, I have answers! How long does Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Last? How do you use it? How long until you see results? And more!!!


As I finally glanced up at the time, I realized why my stomach was complaining. I'd missed lunch. I pushed away from my desk to go feed the beast when a message popped up on my screen:

"April, I need an emergency order. I am out of Lash Boost and can’t find the last one I ordered anywhere. I’m so frustrated! Can I get another one quickly?"

I told the beast in my belly to hang on 5 more minutes while I filled the emergency Lash Boost order because the shipping deadline for the day was about to close. Priorities, people! Lunch will have to wait! I've had my own panic moments like that. It really is an emergency! Once you get those long, thick, curly lashes growing on their own, you never want to give them up!

Never in all my life have I had compliments on my eyes until I started using Lash Boost last year, and now I get them all the time. On social media, on my blog, in person. I finally have the lashes I've always dreamed of, and I will have them the rest of my life without having to go to a salon to get them glued in. 

Only until Monday, March 12, 2018 Rodan + Fields is offering the BEST OFFER I've ever seen, and it's so good I had to interrupt my regularly scheduled content and prepping for my girls weekend, to write this post. Packing will have to wait. You can get a FREE TUBE of Lash Boost with the purchase of a skin regimen and signing up as a preferred customer. That's a $150 value! If you've ever wanted to try Lash Boost, this is your time!

I figured you might have some questions, so I answered all the ones I had before I ordered the first time. My love affair with Rodan + Fields started with Lash Boost, but I had a hard time pulling the trigger on that first order because I'd had some bad experiences.


My before and after

The first picture is a year ago. My lashes before WITH curling, lash primer and mascara. The other three pictures are my after. Would you trade that? Never. It makes such a difference in my eyes!



how long does rodan and fields lash boost last?

The official answer is 2 months. My personal experience is 4-6 months of using it once a day every day. I started using it last March, and a year later I'm still using my second tube on both my eyelashes and eyebrows.


Will it help regrow my eyebrows?

I use it on my eyebrows and have seen more growth, back to what they were when I was younger. It's like turning back the clock on my eyebrows. 


How long does it take to see results from Lash Boost?

I started noticing a difference after a few weeks of daily use. By 2 months I saw a big difference, and in my opinion it took 3-4 months to see full results. 


How often do you use Lash Boost?

Definitely daily in the beginning to see the fastest results. After that you can use it every other day. I usually do it every day because I'm a creature of routine, and I do all the same things every day.


How do you apply it?

After I wash my face, I swipe it on. It takes 5 seconds.


How does it compare to Latisse?

I actually used Latisse for a year and got zero results from it. I also tried supplements, some cod liver oil concoction I made from a recipe on Pinterest, and wishing and praying. I'm telling you, my quest for great lashes has been long and costly. Lash Boost is the only thing that has ever worked for me besides a tube of glue and false lashes. Latisse also requires a prescription from a doctor, so you have the annual cost of that plus the cost of the serum. 


How do I know which skincare regimen I want?

On my website there is a tool to help you go through your skincare concerns and decide what would be best here. You can also chat with me about it by sending me an email here, and then we can coordinate a phone call or online chat, whatever you are most comfortable with.


What does it mean to be a Preferred Customer?

It means you get 10% off and free shipping on your orders. Shipping is $15! Every time! I hate paying for shipping. It seriously stops me from buying things online. I'm ready to check out, and then I see the shipping...and I'm done. On top of that you get 10% off. You are enrolled in an automatic fulfillment program, but you have 100% control over it. You decide when and what you receive. NO penalties. If that sounds too complicated, I can take care of that side for you. You will only receive what you want and need. Promise. It's just like Amazon Subscribe and Save. You can change whatever you want whenever you want in your online account, or tell me and I'll do it. I change mine every time. I bump it, I pick different things, whatever works for me that month.

With a one-time $19.95 enrollment fee, you'll enjoy all of these PC Perks:

  • Convenient, automatic delivery of subscription orders every 60 days
  • Free shipping on all orders over $80
  • 10% savings on all R+F products
  • Early access to new R+F products and exclusive promotions
  • Priority customer service
  • No commitment—cancel at anytime


How do I Order?

You can have me set up your Preferred Customer account, or you can do it yourself, whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you want to do it yourself, you can go here. If you want me to do it for you, contact me here

If you want to take care of ordering yourself, add the regimen you want to the cart, and then when you check out, the Lash Boost will automatically be added to the cart and arrive on your doorstep in 2-3 weeks.


What are your favorite Rodan + Fields products?

I placed an emergency order for the Hydration Serum because I unexpectedly ran out, and I had a special event approaching. I live in an extremely dry climate now, and after 7 years of trying everything to make my skin look and feel better, this finally did it. When I ran out, the effects of the desert started taking its toll again, and I paid overnight shipping to get more. Y'ALL. I hate paying for shipping, and I paid to have this overnighted because I wanted it so badly. Now I keep a backup in my cabinet. Never again will I run out.

Lash Boost is another product I will never be without ever again. I have the lashes I've dreamed about my entire life. People who've known me for years ask if I got lash extensions or started wearing falsies. Even my family thought I was wearing extensions! Nope. These are mine!

I love the Redefine skincare regimen. It really helps hydrate my skin and I look younger again. I'm from the South, where it's super humid. I always looked at least 10 years younger. I heard it all the time. When we moved here, I suddenly looked my age, and I heard that all the time! Talk about a self-esteem killer. Now with the anti-aging benefits of Redefine, my skin looks so great, I'm back to people thinking I'm 10 years younger again, and I LOVE IT. #fountainofyouth

Next winter I might do a round of Reverse to help with some sun damage because I'm addicted to the sun, and I have the worst possible skin for that terrible habit. 

Now that our triplets are tweens, acne is rearing its ugly head, and I am ordering the Unblemish line for them (and getting a free tube of Lash Boost for myself!). Rodan + Fields are the same doctors who created Proactive. They know how to clear up a spotted face!

If you have sensitive skin, there is also the Soothe line


I hope by now you know that I only recommend things that I truly love, and I think YOU will love! These are products I use love so much I decided to sell them. 

Did I answer all of your questions? If not, send me an email or ask in the comments down below. Remember, the offer ends MONDAY, so contact me today so you don't forget and miss out! 


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