1 Simple Trick to Take Bold Lip Colors from Winter to Spring and Summer

You can still wear your bold lip colors in the summer with one simple trick

If you love bold lips as much as I do, You may be wondering how to wear them in the summer without feeling too made up. I have 1 simple trick to take those bold colors from winter to summer when we all want to lighten our makeup without being washed out.

I can't live without my bold lip colors

When the weather gets hot, makeup can feel heavy. Once the snow melts and the earth wakes up, I want to shed the heaviness of winter with lighter clothes, lighter layers, and lighter makeup. That perfect bold pink lip I sported all winter can feel garish in the bright summer sun.

If you are like me and love a bold lip color, you may be wondering what to do in the warmer months when lighter colors feel more appropriate. Pale, nude lip colors wash me out. I look like I just escaped from the morgue. But at the same time, lighter makeup looks and feels better when the weather gets hotter.

What’s a cool-complected girl to do? I can't go without lipstick. I have a very simple trick that will take your bold, saturated lip colors from winter to spring and summer without having to search out a whole new lip color wardrobe. 

Do you prefer a lighter makeup look in the summer? Do you struggle to find a lighter lip color for the warmer months? How do you transition your makeup as the weather changes?


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