The Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide is Live!

If you are looking for a colorful summer capsule wardrobe, outfit inspiration, or a way to refresh your current wardrobe, the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection is perfect for your casual or work lifestyle. 41 classic style wardrobe pieces make 100 outfits for the Type 4 bold, stunning woman and the true winter, cool winter and dark or deep winter woman. I've combined tees, shirts, shoes, skirts, dresses and accessories to give you the perfect summer wardrobe.

Y'all, I don't even have a minute to write a full blog post about it. That will come tomorrow. I just have to tell you super fast that the Summer Wardrobe Guide is live, and with the Memorial Day sales items will sell out fast! I know you've been patiently waiting and asking and waiting some more. I've had technical issues beyond belief, a respiratory infection and maybe strep slowing me down, plus all the end of school year craziness with 6 kids, but it's finally done.

I'm off to the doctor AGAIN, then more crazy school stuff (I will never understand preschool graduation) for the rest of the day, but enjoy the new book