8 Ways to Wear It: White Tee and Black Shorts Part 2


A black and white outfit is so classic, classy, and chic. It's the perfect color combo for any occasion, casual, dressy, work, party, and church. To make the most of your white tee and black shorts this summer, I styled it 8 different ways last week, and 8 different ways this week. 

Black and white outfits are so versatile

"I just don't understand how you can get so much use out of so few items in your wardrobe guides. Don't you get bored with a capsule wardrobe?" I hear some version of this question on a regular basis because of my Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides, seasonal curated collections of classic wardrobe pieces. 

The truth is, I don't always follow a capsule wardrobe. About half the time I use the guides as a foundation to my closet. And other times I love the simplicity a capsule wardrobe brings to my life. To show you how versatile it can be, last week I styled a basic white tee and black shorts 8 DIFFERENT WAYS, and today I'm sharing 8 more ways. 


The Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide is a curated collection of classic wardrobe pieces. It includes shopping links to everything and 100 outfit combinations you can copy or use for inspiration. 



A black and white outfit is essentially the perfect blank canvas waiting for you to put your personal touch on. You can also do this with black pants and a white tee, or a white button up. What would you add to it to make it yours? We are in the middle of the Classic Closet Style Series. Have you found your style yet? There are a few more posts coming, so don't worry if it's not feeling quite right yet.

In the video below you can see how I transition from one outfit to the next. If you enjoy these video look books let me know by subscribing to my YouTube channel





A statement necklace and a bold colored purse dress up this black and white outfit.


Swap the necklace for a small silk scarf for a completely different look. The key to not overheating is to keep it loose around your neck. Also if it's genuine silk it's very breathable. 


Layer on a denim shirt with rolled sleeves, add a striped tote, and red sandals, and the white tee and black shorts take on a totally different look. 


I love to wear scarves on my head like this, especially on days I need too tame my pixie. This one is houndstooth and a great neutral. The red sandals add a punch of color. 


Bookending turquoise with the necklace and sandals adds a dose of color to a simple black and white look.


I wear lightweight scarves like this when we travel in Europe. Keep it loose around your neck and choose a thin fabric to keep cool. The blue purse adds just enough color.


Another way to wear a scarf is to tie it on your wrist as a bracelet. I usually wrap it one more time so it doesn't stick out like that, but while I was filming I was rushing and got ahead of myself. The pink in the purse and the scarf tie it all together, and the denim jacket is perfect for later in the evening when temps drop.


This is a sport look with high shine silver sneakers and a metallic camouflage baseball cap (that is perfect for my edgy classic style). You might prefer a silver or black cap, or a color that coordinates with your bag. 


Did this give you any ideas? How do you wear a white tee and black shorts? 


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