The Rich and Warm Winter 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is Here!

The Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide is here! 34 classic pieces. 100 outfits. All the shopping links. Exclusive styling content. Get your copy and all of the benefits of the Society today!

Has winter arrived early at your house? Well, so has the Rich and Warm Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide! I’ve had so many requests to expand the color palette options of my Classic Wardrobe Guides, and this Winter I’m offering it in a Rich and Warm color palette.

Not all Classic Women wear bold and pure colors, and now I’m adding an additional option. I’m so excited to be able to offer this option to so many of you!

Are you dreading packing for holiday trips or picking outfits during this hectic, but festive, season? Not only does this capsule wardrobe include 34 classic pieces, 100 outfits and all the shopping links, but I’ve got a daily calendar telling you exactly which outfit to wear each day! That will arrive in your inbox next week! All you have to do is put it on!

To help you incorporate your Classic Style Twist, each shopping link is labeled so you can buy the perfect items. Are you trying to add more soft, cute, sporty, or minimal elements to you wardrobe? You don’t have to guess anymore! If you’re not sure what to add, take this quiz to help you figure it out.

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I also recently launched a FREE private Facebook Group where we discuss capsule wardrobes, classic style, makeup, and other tips to refine our personal styles. Even if a bold hue color palette isn’t for you, the group is! This new group is a “closed” group – only members can see the content posted - but all women who love classic style and want to better understand how to develop their own personal classic style are welcome. It’s FREE to join the hundreds of women sharing their outfit inspiration, style tips and capsule wardrobe thoughts.