The Winter 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is Here!

The Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide is here! 34 classic pieces. 100 outfits. All the shopping links. Exclusive styling content. Get your copy and all of the benefits of the Society today!

Has winter arrived early at your house? Well so has the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide! Are you dreading packing for holiday trips or picking outfits during this hectic, but festive, season? Not only does this capsule wardrobe include 34 classic pieces, 100 outfits and all the shopping links, but I’ve got a daily calendar telling you exactly which outfit to wear each day! All you have to do is put it on!

Maybe you’ve noticed things have been a little different around here. It got quiet for a bit. The website got a makeover, and I’ve been hard at work on the Winter Wardrobe Guide! A lot has changed around here the last few months, and we haven’t really talked about it. I launched the Stunning Style Society Membership with the Fall Guide in August, and that was so incredible. The response was amazing! I also created a 10-Day Free Trial of the current Wardrobe Guide to give you an idea of what all the exciting changes are, what’s in the Guides, and just what all the fuss is about! So many of you loved that! More exciting changes are coming!

What’s Not Changing?

Before I jump in to tell you what’s new, I want to tell you what won’t change. I will still post regularly like I have been, sharing my weekly outfit roundups (though those haven’t been happening during this crazy time). I’ll still be sharing Classic Style posts. I’ll still be sharing and caring. Things around here will be much the same, just BETTER!

What’s New?

What has changed is in the Society. There, members find new and more in-depth information about how to implement the Classic Style Twists into their wardrobes. Customized shopping pages for each of the types. Updated shopping info for the Guides. Incorporating a few additional pieces and outfits as the season goes on. Styling outfits from the Guide for each of the Classic Style Types. We had a summer to fall transitional style challenge where I combined items from both Guides to get us through the tricky weather. Unboxing Videos, a daily style challenge calendar, and more!

Classic Capsule Conversations FB Header.png

I also recently launched a FREE private Facebook Group where we discuss capsule wardrobes, classic style, makeup, and other tips to refine our personal styles. Even if a bold hue color palette isn’t for you, the group is! This new group is a “closed” group – only members can see the content posted - but all women who love classic style and want to better understand how to develop their own personal classic style are welcome. It’s FREE to join the hundreds of women sharing their outfit inspiration, style tips and capsule wardrobe thoughts.

So many of you have asked for more—more help, more advice and more styling inspiration—to make your classic style unique to you. You LOVE the simplicity and crispness of the tailoring, the clean lines, and the bold colors in classic pieces. We are all unique, and I love helping others achieve a style that makes a bold and effortless statement while making it their own. It’s modern classic style with a twist—your twist!

The Stunning Style Society Membership goes above and beyond the blog experience you know and goes more in depth to allow you to create a classic style that will make you shine!
Did you know hiring a personal shopper or fashion consultant can cost you upwards of $100 an hour, if not more? In the Stunning Style Society you’ll get the benefits of a style consultant with four Seasonal Wardrobe Guides, Free Bonus Content in a Members-Only side of the blog, and an exclusive Facebook group that will give you the extra advice, camaraderie and inspiration you'll need to create and fine tune a style tailored to you.
I invite you to join me today, as we continue to build out this amazing community of women dedicated to the modern classic style.

What you get with the Annual Membership:

  • Four Seasonal Wardrobe Guides complete with 100 outfit options and linked shopping lists according to Classic Style Twist.

  • Access to Free Bonus Content in a MEMBERS-ONLY side of the blog, called the Stunning Style Society, where we will go more in depth with how to achieve your personal look with the Classic Style Types.

  • An exclusive Facebook community.

  • More engagement with April via exclusive live video, community chat, and more.

  • Shop My Finds page sorted by the Classic Style Types.

Stunning Style Society members will get:

ADVICE: Classic style recommendations tailored to individual style types (cute, edgy, sporty, soft and minimalist), to help you create your unique take on a style that's yours.

CONVENIENCE: Wardrobe Guides that assemble outfits & shopping lists with apparel and accessories that include only colors and styles that align with dressing classic.

VALUE: Premium content, personalized advice, assembled outfits and shopping lists at a fraction of the cost of a fashion consultant. Don't waste money trying to find what works for you when the work’s already been done.

Membership Costs

  • Annual Membership: $160 Annual ($40 Savings!)

  • Seasonal Membership: $200 Annual (charged quarterly)


Still not sure? Join the 10-Day Free Trial of the current Wardrobe Guide to find out exactly what you’ve been missing!