What I Wore to Get Stunning and to the Lake

This week we completed the Get Up and Get Stunning Challenge with the Stunning Style Society, and then my family headed to the lake for the rest of the week!

This week is a mix. It's the final 3 days of the Get Up and Get Stunning Challenge, and 5 days at the lake. Because I was on a family trip, I didn't do any work, and that includes not taking my outfit photos. I waited until I got home to recreate the outfits and took my pictures. So that's why they are all in my studio instead of...well...the lake.

I find that at the lake I lean more sporty classic because I'm being sporty. We are loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, playing on the paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, water mat, and (let's be honest here), sitting in chairs on the shore watching everyone else in the water. Some years we've gone on hikes, to craft fairs, parades, etc. It's not a vacation, it's a trip, an adventure trip. And that requires clothes I can get dirty in, move around in, and chase kids down in.

Enjoy the final bit of the Get Up and Get Stunning Challenge and a little eye candy from the lake!

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This is the J. Crew gingham shirt I've had for 4 years. Its super thin and lightweight, so I just roll my sleeves in the warmer months. I super duper love gingham. It comes in larger and smaller scales, but this medium scale is just right for me. I wear it year-round. I was so comfortable in this today. #edgyclassic 

Thanks for bringing such beauty and elegance into our world. Following through with another soft and classic look. #softclassic
— Susan C.

 I meet a dear friend for lunch. she is also also an entrepreneur, and we love to bounce ideas off each other. I'm wearing my cobalt shorts but they are still uncomfortably tight. I love the zipper details on the pockets. This is the black, white, and silver tee from the summer guide. #edgyclassic


Dear Ladies, if you don’t have all the guides, you need them, stat. Dry your dish pan hands and get your orders in. The ‘Get Stunning‘ challenge forced my out of my blah repetitive doldrums and made getting dressed a good time again. You’re worth it, and so am I.
— Mandi L.S.



Today we are headed to the lake house for the rest of the week, so in the afternoon I switched to silver snake skin sneakers. The wedges dress it up a little, and the sneakers make it lake appropriate. I would never load and unload the car,  walk across the gravel driveway, etc., in those wedges. I'm just not that graceful! The sneakers are and #edgyclassic, but still edgy bc of the snake skin finish. I can run, walk, climb, jump or anything else active in these sneakers. The wedges are more #edgyclassic bc of all the texture, braiding, and criss cross straps. My stabby earrings and angular necklace also give an edge to this nautical-inspired classic outfit.


Last #getupandgetstunning outfit! This challenge has been so beneficial for me in different ways. I have found some new color combinations that I would not have put together myself. It has forced me out of my comfort zone of black dress pants. I’ve gotten so many compliments this week at work. It has also been fun getting to see all you fabulous ladies post your photos every day. It has been the highlight of my day getting to see how everyone puts the look together and makes it their own. I also feel like it has fostered a feeling of community in this group. I truly feel like you ladies are my tribe. Finally, it has boosted my confidence with the kind comments. I often feel less than stunning compared to some others because I’m not a size 2, but the compliments here and at work have made me feel more sure of myself. Thank you, April, for doing this, and I look forward to doing this again with the fall guide!
— K. Simpkins

We were in town for the annual Raspberry Days festival, so we went to the parade, where we were pelted with cheap candy, melted Otter Pops (yes, they threw those from the floats), frisbees, string cheese, and baby carrots! I kid you not. Carrots and cheese were tossed from several of the trucks, and all the kids kept donating them to me. Uh, thanks, kids. It was so fun. The kids had a ball, and the adults kept them from falling under the wheels of the passing trucks. I mean floats (it was just trucks, ya'll. And a cement mixer). The sport classic comes from the baseball raglan tee, the destroyed denim shorts, and the sneakers. I got my edgy classic in with the snake skin finish on the sneakers and the stabby, textured chevron stud and the coral branch necklace.


After spending the day on the lake, we had s'mores (and if you haven't seen my post from last year at the lake about the world's greatest s'mores, you are missing out!). It gets really chilly in the evenings on the lake, especially if the wind picks up, so I went for jeans, a sweatshirt and my sneakers. The sweatshirt is sporty classic because it's a sweatshirt, the stripes on the sleeves are reminiscent of high school sports uniform. The jeans and sneakers add to the look. I got my edgy with the zipper detail on the sweatshirt, the textured stabby chevron earrings, and the snake skin finish on my shoes. The zipper on my sweater is brass, and I really need to paint it silver so it pops!


Saturday was only swim suits or pajamas, so I will spare you the photos of that. 


Sunday morning is breakfast, packing, and picking up before the drive home,  and then unpacking, laundry, and getting settled when we get home. It's a busy day, so that calls for comfort and ease. And a scarf to keep my hair under control. I wish the houndstooth pattern were a little bigger. These scarves are my version of a ponytail for days when my hair isn't behaving or I need it to stay put. We had such a good time! 

Denim is sporty classic because it was created to be a durable material that wouldn't wear through as easily for workers. So this shirt suggests I'm getting to work, which I was. Packing, loading, hauling, storing, wrangling. The shorts are also easy to move and work in and don't need to be babied. The sneakers, my hair tied back, and the rolled up sleeves add to that sporty vibe. The edgy comes from the same as above, the details of my accessories. 


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