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What I Wore When I Had an Adrenal Crash

Adrenal fatigue is my number one roadblock in life. It slams on the brakes for me when I don't do it for myself. I will drive myself into the ground and still not stop, so my body stops me. It's frustrating. This is what I wore when I haven't been feeling great. Some days I was trying to channel better energy with brighter colors, and other days I retreated to soothing colors. Read more to find out what worked...or didn't. 

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What I Wore Right Before School Started

School has started! And the week leading up to it was the final sprint. The last two days have been much quieter around here with five of them gone half the day. At the request of some of you, I took more pictures of the paint job I did on the main floor of my house and shared them at the end of this post. Has school started at your house? Are you excited or sad?

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What I Wore to Spice Up My Summer Style

Am I the only one who gets bored with their outfits in the summer? There just aren't as many options to add dimension and interest. Plus I don't want more things touching me in this triple-digit heat. My goal this summer is to make my summer outfits as interesting as in the cooler months, and to make sure I get the edge I need. Come see what I'm doing!

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What I Wore 4-12-17

Spring time is when our level of busyness ramps up and just continues until the end of the year. Spring soccer has started, the new swim team year has started, along with a schedule change (apparently), the girls have extra rehearsals for their upcoming recital. We also have four birthdays, end of the school year activities, try outs, and more. It's the beginning of the crazy. I know I'm not alone in this.

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