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The Winter 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is Here!

The Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide is ready! Save yourself some time as the holidays approach, and benefit from the work done by me to assemble 100 fall outfits, complete with shopping links, to help you create a winter wardrobe that is truly classic.

Are you dreading packing for the holiday trips or picking outfits during this hectic, but festive, season? I’ve got a daily calendar telling you exactly which outfit to wear!

In addition, get tips on how to adapt styles to make them your own, whether shopping your own closet or investing in a few key pieces that will remain in style this season and in years to come. Come check out all the exciting new features!

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What I Wore for the Fall Get Up Get Stunning Challenge Week 2

In the Fall Wardrobe Guide I chose specific color combinations to get that fall feeling while staying true to my pure hue winter color palette. This is week 2 of the Fall Get Up Get Stunning Challenge, and we had so much fun. If you are curious about the Guides and the Society, check out the 10-Day Free Trial of the current guide today! You’ll get a taste of what we do!

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What I Wore for the Summer to Fall Transition Challenge Week 1

We are in that tricky in between season when it’s not summer, and it’s not fall. Or the weather is still acting like summer, but we WANT IT to be fall. Cool, crisp mornings give way to hot afternoons. What’s a girl to do? This week I have 7 summer to fall transitional outfits to get you through these beautiful days when we have a foot in each season.

This last month you may have noticed a lot of changes on my website, from the front page to some new categories. My email service has also gotten a makeover, and I’ve heard from MANY of you that my emails are now going to spam or the promotions folders (gmail). You can resolve this by finding one of my emails, and choosing the folder with the arrow on it at the top. Choose Move to Inbox. You can also add to your contacts lists.

I’m sorry this has been an issue. In my efforts to improve what I am providing, there can be bumps along the way. Let me know if you have any questions about this. If you didn’t get your 10-Day Free Trial of the Fall Wardrobe Guide, check those two folders. Several of you have contacted me saying that it didn’t come, and that’s why you haven’t seen it. Now, on to more interesting things! The outfits!

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8 Ways to Wear It: White Tee and Black Shorts Part 1

A black and white outfit is so classic, classy, and chic. It's the perfect color combo for any occasion, casual, dressy, for work, party, and for church. To make the most of your white tee and black shorts this summer, I'm styling it 8 different ways this week, and 8 different ways next week. 

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What I Wore When I Rewore My Favorites

There seems to be this idea that as a style blogger I'm not allowed to repeat outfits, but folks, I do. I have my favorites, the ones that I just love, the ones that make me feel super comfortable or super confident, and I'm not going to NOT wear them just because the whole interweb will know.

Come chat with me about why we feel this way, and what we can do about it.

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