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8 Ways to Wear It: White Tee and Black Shorts Part 1

A black and white outfit is so classic, classy, and chic. It's the perfect color combo for any occasion, casual, dressy, for work, party, and for church. To make the most of your white tee and black shorts this summer, I'm styling it 8 different ways this week, and 8 different ways next week. 

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What I Wore When I Rewore My Favorites

There seems to be this idea that as a style blogger I'm not allowed to repeat outfits, but folks, I do. I have my favorites, the ones that I just love, the ones that make me feel super comfortable or super confident, and I'm not going to NOT wear them just because the whole interweb will know.

Come chat with me about why we feel this way, and what we can do about it.

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What I Wore When I Combined the Spring and Winter Wardrobe Guides

When Spring is starting to creep in, but winter won't let go, it takes some creativity to welcome the longer days and slightly warmer temps while keeping warm enough. This week I combined items from the winter and spring Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides to get just what I needed.

This is the last week to get the special offer: buy the Spring Wardrobe Guide and get the Winter edition half off! After that the winter guide is going in the vault, Disney style. You don't want to miss out on all that style inspiration of 100 outfits!

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What I Wore Before and After Our Trip to Mexico

My husband and I went on a mid-winter getaway to celebrate our anniversary early and get a much-needed dose of vitamin sea and D. This is what I wore before and after our trip to Mexico. Don't forget that right now the winter edition of the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is half off with the purchase of the spring Wardrobe Guide. 

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