Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection

"I wish I could go shopping with you."

"I wish you would be my personal shopper."

"I wish you would be my personal stylist."

I hear it all the time. Y'all, I am a shopping MACHINE. I always have been. If it were an Olympic sport, I'd take the the gold every time. As much as I would love to fill my days with girlfriend shopping excursions, there aren't enough hours in the day or days in the year for me to shop with all of you, but I want to help you create a bold, stunning wardrobe of your own. So...I created the next best thing


I am so excited about this! You have asked for more outfits, more shopping, more styling tips, more tutorials, more help with making getting dressed easier, and here it is: The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection. 31 Classic Pieces. 100 Outfits. 

What is it exactly? Basically your dream come true. I've taken classic wardrobe items you probably already own combined with a few fresh, new items that you may not, and created a 31-piece capsule wardrobe that you can use as a stand-alone wardrobe, or as a foundation to expand your options in the rest of your closet. I created 100 outfit combinations (actually I created 125, but I only included 100 in the book because I didn't want to overwhelm you) that you can copy exactly and be dressed and ready to go in no time, with no thought. Open the book, pick an outfit, put it on, be stunning all day long. Not only that, but I included shopping links if you need them. For every item in the book, there are multiple versions so you can express your unique version of bold and stunning. Do you like your details to be fun and flirty, soft and feminine, or edgy and exotic? I’ve included options for that so each outfit will be perfectly, uniquely you.




I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars perfecting my personal style (meaning I made a lot of mistakes along the way. A LOT). With the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide I’ve done all the hard work for you so you can look as bold and stunning as you are, every day, with little effort. You'll also save money by buying only what you will truly love and wear, and what will go with your wardrobe. You can use this guide to find the perfect pieces to add to your existing wardrobe and use the outfit combinations for new inspiration, or use it as a stand-alone capsule wardrobe. It will also make packing for trips a BREEZE!


This eBook is for you if:

  • You are starting out on your journey as a bold and stunning woman but want some help.
  • You want to refresh your wardrobe with a few new pieces and lots of ideas to mix and match with items you probably already own.
  • You love the capsule wardrobe concept but don’t know where to start.
  • You want a bold and stunning wardrobe but feel overwhelmed.
  • You are a busy woman and want getting dressed to be easy.
  • You are in a style rut.
  • You want out of yoga pants but still want to be comfortable.
  • You want to add more style to a basic wardrobe.
  • You wish you could afford a personal stylist.
  • You hate shopping.
  • You don’t know how to mix and match individual pieces.
  • You are tired of wasting money on clothes that don’t go together.


Here is one review I recently received:

This is the cure for the winter wardrobe blahs! The wide range of outfit ideas alone is well worth the price, but April has also taken all the legwork out of shopping for the perfect winter pieces with links to her picks at a variety of price points, each with variations to introduce your own personal style to an outfit. This book makes it so easy to put together your own signature, stunning look. It’s more like a catalog and magazine combined, and worth so much more than $29.99!
— Megan F.


And guess what? I'm going to create a new one each season so you get fresh inspiration year-round. Winter seemed like the perfect place to start. For the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Winter Collection, I chose a neutral palette of black, white and silver, and added red, cobalt blue, and bold pink. This wardrobe is casual, but with 4 easy swaps, you can make it office-appropriate, and of course I tell you exactly how. The breakdown is this:


  • 3 jeans/pants
  • 1 skirt (with a pants option if you prefer) 
  • 2 tees
  • 4 button ups
  • 4 sweaters
  • 2 cardigans
  • 3 jackets
  • 3 boots
  • 2 scarves
  • 2 necklaces
  • 2 earrings
  • 2 purses


Here’s what you get:


  • A 55-page eBook that looks more like a magazine and catalog.
  • A visual list of the items included in the capsule.
  • A complete 31-piece shopping list (no surprise add-ins) to shop your own closet or the store.
  • Each item has multiple links to the items you need so you get the perfect item for you.
  • 100 outfit combinations to choose from that will have you dressed to face your day in a perfectly stunning way.
  • Instructions and explanations of how to use the guide.
  • I’ve also included a few BONUS styling tips.
  • Access to Stunning Style Society, my exclusive Facebook group where you will receive access to me, support, and additional styling tips.


I'm offering it for an introductory price of $29.99 so you can see for yourself how valuable this is. You can buy your copy here! I can't wait to get started! Can you? I'll see you in the Stunning Style Society.