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The Rich and Warm Winter 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is Here!

Has winter arrived early at your house? Well, so has the Rich and Warm Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide! I’ve had so many requests to expand the color palette options of my Classic Wardrobe Guides, and this Winter I’m offering it in a Rich and Warm color palette.

Not all Classic Women wear bold and pure colors, and now I’m adding an additional option. I’m so excited to be able to offer this option to so many of you!

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The Winter 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is Here!

The Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide is ready! Save yourself some time as the holidays approach, and benefit from the work done by me to assemble 100 fall outfits, complete with shopping links, to help you create a winter wardrobe that is truly classic.

Are you dreading packing for the holiday trips or picking outfits during this hectic, but festive, season? I’ve got a daily calendar telling you exactly which outfit to wear!

In addition, get tips on how to adapt styles to make them your own, whether shopping your own closet or investing in a few key pieces that will remain in style this season and in years to come. Come check out all the exciting new features!

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8 Ways to Wear It: White Tee and Black Shorts Part 1

A black and white outfit is so classic, classy, and chic. It's the perfect color combo for any occasion, casual, dressy, for work, party, and for church. To make the most of your white tee and black shorts this summer, I'm styling it 8 different ways this week, and 8 different ways next week. 

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Four Ways to Wear It: The Sheath Dress

A sheath dress doesn't have to be black to be classic and versatile. I styled a blue sheath dress four ways to show how I would wear it for four different special events I have coming up this month: a baptism, Easter, wedding anniversary, and my birthday (plus tickets to see Hamilton!!). I've got you covered, no matter what the weather is: winter, spring, summer or fall. You will love how beautiful and chic it can be. I also share 10 more ways to style if from more casual to office appropriate. Number 5 is my favorite! Come see all the ways you can fashion a sheath dress!

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How to Love Your Body Type With a Winter Closet Clear Out

I choose to dress and love the body I have NOW in a way that makes me look and feel fantastic. All body types are beautiful, and you can accentuate that by choosing items that flatter yours. One is no better than the other, they are just different. In this video series I'm taking you through my closet to show you which winter pieces I'm parting with, and why. Come see what I'm purging in this closet clear out. It will inspire you to dress the body you have!

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How to Deal with Guilt During a Winter Closet Cleanout

Cleaning out your closet is a lot like breaking up. You part ways with different items for different reasons, but it can be an emotional experience. I'm taking you through my closet in 7 separate videos over the next week to show you which winter pieces I'm parting with, and why. Come see my winter closet purge. It will inspire you to break up with some things yourself!

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How to Learn from Your Shopping Mistakes with a Closet Purge

Oh the guilt of a shopping mistake, or several! It stares you down every time you walk into your closet, but it doesn't have to be that way! A closet purge is the perfect opportunity to learn from those shopping mistakes and turn them into successes. Come watch me purge my own mistakes from the closet and find out what I learned, and how you (and I) can avoid repeating them.

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A Quick and Easy Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial for Every Day

I created this look specifically to go with the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide, but it's the perfect neutral look to go with any outfit and any lip color. With my cool skin tones, I can't wear brown eye makeup, and this quick and easy look is my new go-to 5-minute makeup look. Come check out the video I made to show you step-by-step exactly how to create it. 

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8 Tips to be Perfectly Chic Dressed in All Black

Now, on to the topic of today's post! When you're dressed in all black, do you feel fancy or frumpy? Do you look like you're in mourning or red carpet ready? All black outfits can be edgy, classy, chic, grunge, and everything in between. I have 8 simple tips to be perfectly chic when you wear all black. Tip #1 is the real secret to success no matter what look you want. How do you wear all black?

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Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection

It's done! I'm done! Here is the reason I've been MIA, and it was a labor of love. If you are looking for a winter capsule wardrobe, outfit inspiration, or a way to refresh your current wardrobe, the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide - A Curated Seasonal Collection Winter 2017 is perfect for your casual or work lifestyle. 31 classic pieces make 100 outfits for the bold, stunning woman. This makes the perfect shopping list for your Christmas gift wish list! Come see exactly what I've created especially for you!

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