Classic Style with a Twist

Customize your classic style through curated Wardrobe Guides, personalized shopping links and the Society of inspiring women to support you in our journey together. Learn about the Stunning Style Society and its benefits!

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Timeless and beautiful style can be yours everyday

The classic style of Amal Clooney, Victoria Beckham and Audrey Hepburn are iconic for a reason, and the same style gives you confidence when you get dressed every morning. Our founder, April, has always known when she was dressing her style - it just felt right! Black, white, and navy neutrals - perfectly tailored and paired with the right bold colors - timeless accessories, and (for her) an edgy flair gave her the confidence to tackle each day.

All of this paired with her love for finding a great deal and knowing her wardrobe has to work for her busy life with six kids (plus a husband!) led to the creation of Stunning Style, a community of classic women who want the ease and convenience of a curated Wardrobe Guide each season.

Discover your Classic Style Type

Join the Classic Capsule Conversations by Stunning Style Facebook group, a community of classic women. We discuss clothes (style, color and fit), make-up, and other tips that enhance and bring confidence to classic women everywhere.  We share our everyday outfits, participate in style challenges and support each other in finding great classic style with our own Classic Style Twists.

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Classic Capsule Conversations by Stunning Style
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The Classic Capsule Conversations group by Stunning Style is a place for classic women to discuss clothes (style, color and fit), make-up, and other t...