Summer 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide

Summer 2018 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide


Let the summer fun begin with a bold, colorful wardrobe that you don’t have to think about.

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I've taken classic style clothing items you probably already own, combined with a few fresh, new items that you may not, and created a 41-piece capsule wardrobe that you can use as a stand-alone wardrobe, or as a foundation to expand your options in the rest of your closet.

I created 100 outfit combinations that you can copy exactly and be dressed and ready to go in no time, with no thought. Open the book, pick an outfit, put it on, be stunning all day long.

Not only that, but I included shopping links if you need them. For every item in the book, there are multiple versions so you can express your unique version of bold and stunning. Do you like your outfit details to be fun and flirty, soft and feminine, or edgy and exotic? I’ve included options for that so each outfit will be perfectly, uniquely you.